Level 3

Derived from higher resolution data, it has become the industry standard radar data used in nearly all radar software applications. It's what we recommend for 95% of our customers and all mobile users. It has everything you need to make a time critical decision.

Level 2 / Super-Res

We pioneered the delivery of level 2 data to the general public. With this data you gain higher resolution of the reflectivity and velocity fields but you lose the derived products found in Level 3. Typically this data is used in combination with level 3 data to get the best of both worlds.

Dual Polarization

This technology greatly enhances the radar products by providing the ability to collect data on the horizontal and vertical properties of weather (e.g., rain, hail) and non-weather (e.g., insect, ground clutter) targets. As each radar site comes online with the new upgrades, we provide it automatically and free of charge as part of all of our subscriptions.