AllisonHouse Members in Front of a Developing Tornado

The Founding

Tyler Allison created AllisonHouse, working part-time on evenings and weekends from his home in Northern Ketucky. AllisonHouse was never intended to become a commercial entity but simply as a way for Tyler to get the data he wanted for his own use. He hosted the data on his own personal website, known as When it officially launched in 2006, Tyler went searching for another name. But his handful of customers liked the current name and the search was abandoned. Tyler moved his personal website to a different domain.

Loved Nationwide

People from all walks of life and companies of all types and sizes use AllisonHouse to support their needs. Do you?
Our goal is to make it possible for any person or company to be able to use the data we provide to empower what they do. We'd love to help you, so please connect with us:

Serve a Specific Need

The only reason AllisonHouse became a company was because it served a specific need that had gone unfulfilled. People wanted weather data in a format they could customize and in the software of their choosing. To this day, the focus is on providing what the community wants, when they want it and in the format they want.

Everything we do. Everything we build. Everything we provide has a specific purpose and has been designed for a specific need.

Eat Our Own Dog Food

As the old cliché goes, "We eat our own dog food". We use our own data services daily for our own personal use. Just like you. When something is broken, we typically know about it first. When something can be modified to be easier to use or provide better situational awareness, we typically recognize it first. Every year AllisonHouse takes our data into the field and tests it against the real world to see how it stands up to the rigors of operational use.