Storm Chaser

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Storm Hunter

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Additional Packages

Additional packages are offered beyond our base set of subscriptions above. They can be purchased individually or in addition to a base subscription. Each package offers a unique set of features which can't be found in the traditional subscription packages.

CONUS Lightning

$10 per user/month
For those who are looking for more than basic local lightning data. A CONUS-scale Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN) lightning subscription provides you with lightning at every zoom level. This is opposed to the local lightning offered in our Chaser & Hunter packages, which is only visible when zoomed into a 300 nautical mile region. Add to your cart

High Resolution Lightning

Starting at $50/month
For the weather enthusiast, meteorologist or weather weenie who wants it all. High Resolution Earth Networks Total Lightning Network lightning data shows you every detected lightning strike and is entirely configurable from your customer portal. You only pay for what you use! Let us know what you're looking for