About Storm Chaser

We have offered our Storm Chaser package for over 10 years. Over those years, one thing has never changed and that is our committment to providing you with the most value and reliability for your money. In 2017 alone, we added Level 2 Radar and over 10 additional weather overlays to the Storm Chaser package! This package offers the most comprehensive set of GRLevel2AE and GRLevel3 placefiles available on the market.

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Watch Outlines

SPC Watch Outline Placefile

Size of Hail

MRMS Max Estimated Size of Hail (MESH) Placefile


GOES-16 True Color Visible Placefile

Reviews and Feedback

"As someone that acts as an incident/response meteorologist for emergency management, as well as a broadcast meteorologist, I appreciate the types and reliability of the radar and supplemental data offered by AllisonHouse. In addition, AllisonHouse offers the best customer service in the business... thanks Tyler, Joe, Ryan, Justin and all at AllisonHouse!" - Troy Kimmel University of Texas (Austin) & KOKE-FM Radio, Austin, TX

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