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"As a company tracking hail around the country, we rely on having constant access to weather data. We have used many different platforms and none are more reliable the AllisonHouse. They continue to innovate and make new ways to make our job easier!" - Derik Kline, CEO Hail Trace

"As someone that acts as an incident/response meteorologist for emergency management, as well as a broadcast meteorologist, I appreciate the types and reliability of the radar and supplemental data offered by AllisonHouse. In addition, AllisonHouse offers the best customer service in the business... thanks Tyler, Joe, Ryan, Justin and all at AllisonHouse!" - Troy Kimmel University of Texas (Austin) & KOKE-FM Radio, Austin, TX

"AllisonHouse is by far the best data aggregation company in the weather industry. PERIOD! There is truly someone ALWAYS watching their data stream and by the time you even think that something may be wrong they notify that they are working on it. I've never seen a data stream failure... I always have data!" - Andrew Hatter Self-employed

"As someone who cares about weather safety, AllisonHouse has the most reliable data. I've never had any downtime when I'm tracking storms and if something is wrong, customer support is one of the best." - Jacob Dixon

"I started using AllisonHouse products after a large tornado outbreak and events when public domain servers were failing due to overuse. Living in Tornado Alley we had several experiences where radar monitoring software would just stop providing updates during monitored events. It caused significant issues when we had severe storms and spotters in the field with no storm updates on tornado warned storms. We reached out to Tyler at AllisonHouse who immediately connected us to their software during the storm to get us back on line. We worked out the payment arrangements later and have never had an issue getting data since. The system has worked flawlessly and provides a lot of useful data with both Gibson Ridge software and RadarScope. We use GREarth, Gr2Analyst, GRLevel3 on computers and RadarScope on phones. The support from AllisonHouse has been tremendous although rarely required and I could not be more pleased with their available products and functionality. The services they provide are well worth the expense to subscribe. We have been using their product for nearly ten years now. Highly recommended." - Douglas Barlet, Emergency Management Coordinator Linn County, KS

"As one who lives in the heart of major severe weather events, I need the most solid, dependable radar and weather data available across a range of applications. AllisonHouse has me covered with the weather data I can count on at a super affordable price. For those who depend on weather data such as myself, I trust and rely on AllisonHouse." - Nathan Parker, Contributor WeatherTogether

"Long time customer with excellent service and a great product. Would recommend to all from professionals to hobbyist." - philip haley CoCoRaHs

"The best and fastest response to requests for support. Their answers resolve any questions usually in the same email. " - Brian Slutzky

"I have been using AllisonHouse data since 198l. I have found their data to be dependable when needed in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has some very odd weather tornadoes one day and snow and freezing rain the next day. Their customer support has always tried to resolve problems and sometimes they are dependent on NOAA to resolve their problems. If you want good dependable data for weather, especially in Oklahoma, you better get a AllisonHouse plan because you have issues with other public sites." - Lee Dumas, Weather Nerd