What is AllisonHouse?

AllisonHouse is a data aggregation and integration company providing dependable high resolution weather data to everyone.

Custom weather data that has been deeply integrated with the leading visualization software in the market. We collect data from around the world and then convert it into a format your software can understand. We don't provide the software; we provide the data. We manage the infrastructure, you focus on you. Leave the heavy lifting of collecting, managing and converting over 100 different data formats to us.
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Who uses AllisonHouse?

Storm chasers, emergency managers,
meteorologists, and software/app
developers nationwide use and love

Storm Chasers
In the field, reliable real-time data can mean the difference in getting on the right storm.

Emergency Managers
A complete picture of what is going on and what it is coming is crucial in making decisions.

Using state of the art technology to augment your expertise gives you the edge.

App Developers
Integration speeds your time to market and immediately expands your customer base.

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How does AllisonHouse work?

AllisonHouse data works through
enterprise grade servers, multiple
redundancies, satellite backup, and
geographically dispersed support team.

Near - 100% uptime.


We collect data from around the world and then convert it into a format your software can understand. We manage and convert over 100 different data formats.
Data Feeds


We provide you with an easy to use web based customer portal where you have access to the data feeds that get integrated with whatever software you prefer.
Software Integrations


Your data subscription entitles you to have access to our high availability, fault tolerant data servers hosted in hardened enterprise class data centers.
System Status

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Why AllisonHouse does what they do.

AllisonHouse believes that
high quality data at the right time
can make a difference.

Let AllisonHouse empower you.

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