$26.99/month or $294.99/year

Storm Chaser + Maps

Includes everything that Storm Chaser includes plus AllisonHouse Maps, our web-based forecast and real-time weather data viewer. Try for free >

$11.99/month or $129.99/year

Storm Chaser

Weather radar data and overlays perfect for every background, whether you are a concerned citizen, enthusiast, or Meteorologist. Try for free >

Web-based and Real-time

Whether you're looking to track a squall line currently sweeping across the country or create your own forecast path of the latest Hurricane, AllisonHouse Maps provides you with all the tools you need. And because Maps is developed for all modern web browsers, it can be used on the PC, Mac, iOS & Android phone and tablet devices with absolutely no setup or installation necessary.

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Reviews and Feedback

"As a company tracking hail around the country, we rely on having constant access to weather data.  We have used many different platforms and none are more reliable the AllisonHouse.  They continue to innovate and make new ways to make our job easier!" - Derik Kline, CEO Hail Trace

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