Watches and Warnings by County

Many of our customers prefer to see the watches and warnings in a county outline / shading format. We make the full set of VTEC watches and warnings available via a fully customizable interface where you can color code and select the warnings you care about.

Storm Prediction Center (SPC)

What severe weather subscription would be complete without the invaluable data from the Storm Prediction Center? We make a full complement of SPC data feeds available including:

  • Watch Boxes
  • Mesoscale Discussions
  • Day 1 Outlook
  • Day 2 Outlook


When the season ends in the midwest, the Atlantic storm season intensifies. We've got you covered with:

  • Official Hurricane Tracks
  • Model Track Spagetti plots
  • Hurricane Hunter Plotting

Satellite Images

We process and make available the GOES 1km Visible, 2km InfraRed and Water Vapor images already geo referenced for integration directly into your supported software without any additional effort.

Even More...

Based on customer interest and feedback we add more data and more customization every month. If you have something you want added, and it fits with our mission of providing situational awareness for severe weather conditions, please let us know! Some of the customer requested data has included:

  • Official Storm Reports (LSR)
  • Wild Fire detection via satellite
  • Earthquake detection
  • Amateur Radio telemetry tracking (APRS)