With over 700 sensors covering the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Carribean, the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN) data is very comprehensive, timely and accurate.

  • Location accuracy < 250 meters
  • Detection efficiency > 95%
  • Average delivery (start-to-end) of 60 seconds

Cost Conscious

We pioneered a new technique for displaying lightning data that allows us to reduce the cost to our customers. We take a summary of all lightning within an area and display it as a single icon. Utilizing shape, color and size you can distinguish the frequency and time for lightning in that area. This provides the same level of information as traditional displays but without cluttering the other data on the screen. Perfect for overlaying on radar.

Custom Configuration

In virtually all the integrated software packages we support, you can pick the size, shape and color of the icons you want to use to display the stroke information. The GRLevel2AE and GRLevel3 placefiles also include full animation capabilities.

High-Res if you need it

If you absolutely must see every stroke as it happens, we can build you a custom lightning feed. There is a premium charge due to additional licensing fees. The High-Res Lightning feed is perfect for people in charge of power lines, mines, sporting events or other high risk environments.