Mesoscale Models

Utilizing our partnership with we make available a basic set of Mesoscale modeling based on the RUC 01hr run. After extensive analysis and in the field research, we believe the RUC01 provides the most accurate data for direct alignment to radar data for enhanced situational awareness. We make available 6 fully customizable GRLevel2AE and GRLevel3 placefiles for you to build from so you can mix and match the analysis parameters that matter to you.

The Basic Feed Includes

  • Surface Humidity
  • Surface Dew Point
  • Surface Convective Inhibition
  • Surface Lifted Index
  • Surface Based CAPE
  • Surface Sea Level Pressure
  • Surface Temperatures
  • Heat Index / Wind Chill
  • 300mb Wind Speed / Direction
  • Surface Wind Speed / Dir.
  • 1hr accumulated precipitation
  • 3hr accumulated preceiptiation
Customized Mesoscale Feed
Mesoscale Weather Model