The Basics

For the meteorologists and extreme weather enthusiasts out there who want a complete set up for at home OR the office, the Gibson Ridge line (GRleve3, GRlevel2AE and GRearth) of products is what we recommend. The AllisonHouse Storm Hunter Package has the data you need for all 3 of these programs, and even includes a Model Display Application for FREE. Details listed below!

* For specifics on what to bring while storm chasing please visit the Storm Chasers Page.

  • Radar Program(s) - We recommend Gibson Ridge products, but others are avaible such as StormLab (Windows) and RadarScope (MacOS).
  • Reliable Data Provider(s) - We recommend ourselves of course but we also recommend you always have a backup on hand, such as Iowa Environmental Mesonet (Level 2 only) or the National Weather Service (Level 3 only default).
  • NOAA Weather Radio - We recommend Midland's WR300 AM/FM Alert Radio. As we're sure you know, you always need to be prepared during severe weather for power outages. Weather radios will help you stay notified.
Radar Image

The Specifics

  • Data Provider (Price Range: Free - $300.00)
    We recommend a Storm Hunter Subscription ($26.99/month OR $294.99/year) or check out any of our other packages. An AllisonHouse subscription is not NOT mandatory, there are free radar data providers out there for public use (Iowa State, National Weather Service, etc.) However Note: It is always a good idea to have a backup data provider on hand.
  • Desktop Radar Program (Price Range: $79.85 - $999.00)
    We highly recommend GRLevelX products. The best tool for analyzing a storm is GRlevel2AE.
  • Mobile Radar Programs (Price Range: $9.99 - $19.99)
    We recommend RadarScope, but there are plenty of them out there depending on your device and platform. Examples - PKLY3 (Android), Radar Alive! (Android), and MRLevel3(Windows)
  • Web-based Radar Program (Price Range: Mostly Free)
    There are quite a few of them out there, but not recommended for detailed analysis.
  • Road Shapefiles (Price Range: Mostly Free)
    GRLevelx products only: Road shapefiles will really help with getting a grasp of where the storm is located. They also come in handy if you're on the road in an unfamilar area. Here's a guide for Adding Shapefiles into GRlevelX Programs.
  • Weather Models ($10.00/per month - $200.00/yearly)
    Of course we recommend a subsciption to our Maps program.
  • Mosaic ($15/month or included with Storm Hunter)
    We recommend GRearth. This is a great program to use to get an overall view of what is going on coast to coast. Our GRearth guide area will walk you through all of the capabilities you have with the application.