What’s your hurricane plan?

Hurricane Florence visible satellite image

A visible shot of Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic south-southwest of Bermuda late in the afternoon on September 11, 2018 from GOES-16 (East). With 140 MPH winds, this dangerous category 4 hurricane might get even stronger. Are you ready for a hurricane in your area? Image courtesy: AllisonHouse Maps

As I type this, we have numerous tropical storms and hurricanes going on in the Atlantic and the Pacific, with one trying to get going south of the Gulf of Mexico that could impact the U.S. this weekend. Furthermore, don’t forget Hawaii: Olivia could dump 5″ to as much as 15″ of rain there:

Kauai County joins tropical storm warning; Olivia speeds faster toward isles

But, of course, all eyes are on the monster that is Florence. It’s forecast to hit the southern North Carolina coast, and then drift aimlessly for a few days, caught in near non-existent steering currents aloft. This could produce catastrophic flooding across portions of the Carolinas and areas nearby.

So, with hurricane watches up, and with more storms coming, are you ready in case you live along the Gulf coast, or other parts of the Atlantic? Here are some quick tools to help you in case you are in the crosshairs of nature’s fury from the sea this season.

First, what evacuation zone are you in. Check here:


Do you have a basic disaster kit ready to go? Here’s a nice simple checklist:


When you evacuate, how will you communicate if your family becomes separated, or if people are left behind? Do you have a meeting place in case things go wrong? Figure that out NOW. Write it down. That way, you’ll remember in the heat of the moment.

We want to stress that THE source for official hurricane information is through http://www.nhc.noaa.gov, the U.S. National Hurricane Center web site. However, AllisonHouse Maps, and placefiles, lets you take that information and plot it over radar, satellite, surface observations, lighting, and so much more, giving you a complete picture of what is happening! It’s your own “war room”, allowing you to see everything as meteorologists at the National Weather Service (NWS) see it, all updating automatically as soon is at is sent by the NWS, and received at our data center location. By the way, that “delay” is in *milliseconds*.

So, stay safe with the National Weather Service and AllisonHouse. We’re a team that will let you know and see what is happening, with a front row chair of it all. If you’re not a Maps subscriber, one of the things we’re really proud of is that we get the full resolution satellite feed from GOES-16 (and soon from GOES-17) that is the raw, pure feed and the very best that you can get, and all updated in real or near real-time! For you big-time weather enthusiasts, we have AWIPS 2 CAVE for you to see everything as if you are sitting in a National Weather Service forecast office workstation. Check out our front page for links on what can best serve you: http://www.allisonhouse.com

Please stay safe this hurricane season, with the National Weather Service, and your partners here at AllisonHouse!

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