We have some SUPER news…super resolution on GRLevel3 and Radarscope!

GRlevel3 super-res products are here!

You can now choose super-resolution Base Reflectivity, Velocity (base and storm-relative), Correlation Coefficient and ZDR products on GRLevel3. Image courtesy: Mike Gibson/GRLevel3

Go down the steps into the basement and make a left. There, as you walk past the dusty old radio with the broken antenna playing Neil Diamond in the dim lights, AllisonHouse Labs has been burning the midnight oil. And now, we can announce to you what we’ve been working on for some time…

AllisonHouse has super-resolution Base Reflectivity, Base Velocity, Storm Relative Velocity, Correlation Coefficient and ZDR products for GRlevel 3 customers! These products are presented in their entirety with no data cutoffs, and are pushed to you as soon as we receive them! That’s right, customizable maps, color tables, and now with super-resolution radar! And, these products are not normally able to be sent due to various reasons by the National Weather Service, but we are now able to offer them straight to you in real-time!

And now, let’s announce the second part of this great event…

The same super-resolution radar images from AllisonHouse is coming to the next release of Radarscope. And, there will be no data cut-offs! That should be coming soon…stay tuned for more information!

Now, you might say “Objection, your honor! When I am on the road storm spotting or chasing, I have a small data plan. I’ll burn through my limit quickly if I use them!”. Objection overruled! Just so you know, during a major severe weather event in Kansas, “standard resolution” GR3 and Radarscope base reflectivity tilt 1 images were about 15 kb. For super-resolution, they are about 60 kb. This is an average, and the sizes could be more or less, depending on how much activity there is on the screen.

To update your GRLevel3, exit the software, and then click on the updater:


Just follow the prompts if you’ve never done this before. Once installed, stop polling, and then start polling again. And, voila! Super-resolution images are yours!

Again, this is only offered to AllisonHouse subscribers, If you aren’t one, hey, we’re here for less than the cost of a pizza at a restaurant! We invite you to see all that we offer here on our wwebsite…which is much more than super-resolution radar!


  1. June 4, 2019 at 7:01 pm | Permalink

    Is there a way to get the lower tilts on the radar sites that have elevation slices below 0.5 degrees–such as KICX (Cedar City) in southern Utah which has a 0.2 degree tilt?

  2. Mark Blue's Gravatar Mark Blue
    June 8, 2019 at 6:38 pm | Permalink

    Gilbert – I got a good chuckle out of your Neil Diamond comment! Is there a 30 archive available through AH of the super-res GRL3 data that can be downloaded?

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