Want even more GOES-16/17? We got that.

GOES-17 satellite artist imageStarting on the morning of April 2, 2019, GOES-16/17 were thrown into Mode 6 from Mode 4, a permanent change to its scanning strategy. What does that mean to you?

Well, one thing changes, but its important. Here’s what DOESN’T change:

One U.S. sector scan every 5 minutes
Two 1-minute mesoscae sector scans OR one 30 second mesoscale scan

What does change are the global scans. NOAA determined that hemispheric scans could be done every 10 minutes, instead of every 15, without issues, during testing over the past year. That means we now get 2 more images of our lovely hemisphere every hour, for a total of 6 of them. Recall that under GOES-13-15, we only got 2 hemispheric sans per hour. That means we get three times the amount of imagery now with GOES-16/17 just temporally. Of course, we get far more than just the visible, IR and water vapor channels with those satellites! So the amount of data we now get from those two satellites is simply staggering.

Staggering, yes. But, who gives you almost all of it, minus only some space weather products? AllisonHouse! And it’s available to you right now on AllisonHouse Maps and GREarth! So, enjoy GOES mode 6. I think you’re going to like it. 🙂

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