The need for speed!

The National Weather Service is just about to wrap up a 2-year program known as the NOAA Integrated Dissemination Program, or IDP, to completely redo its network and transmission outlets of data, and it is very fast! The last thing to go onto the new network, the website, will be flipped over this summer. But what does all of this mean for AllisonHouse customers?

First of all, let’s take the new and stunning GOES-16 data. The current GOES-West and GOES-East satellites have a data feed of 2 megabits/second of data, and they just broadcast 4 channels of data..which is delayed by 10-15 minutes to process and get it to you. GOES-16 is a nearly constant stream of 30 mb/second, 15x the amount of data as the other satellites. And, being on brand new servers, processors and the new IDP network, it takes just a FEW minutes to process it and get it from GOES-16 to your computer screen…and of course, it transmits dozens of channels of extremely high resolution data!

We’ve also noticed this: for our Level 3 radar data customers, the data used to be delayed by minutes (and our subscribers let us know that). But now, thanks to their fast network connections, a fast radar processor at the radar site, and a fast data transmission broadcast known as NOAAport that we receive off of our satellite dish—we get the data 2-3 seconds after it starts to leave the National Weather Service forecast office, If you have GRLevel3 version 2.60, fire it up. Look at the base reflectivity at the lowest tilt. See those two times in the top right corner? The delay from the radar site to you should be 3 seconds or less!

All this to say: with the IDP switchover, as an AllisonHouse subscriber, you are seeing the data at essentially the exact same time the National Weather Service is, minus a mere few seconds. And with our extremely fast network systems and servers, we give you delays on our end that are on the order of milliseconds!

So, when you need the data…NOW…you see it as the Weather Service sees it, with negligible delay (I mean, we can’t overcome that speed of light delay, sorry!). But when you need to make weather decisions right now, and the data can’t be old…join us at AllisonHouse! We won’t delay in giving you everything in just about real-time. And that’s good, because we know for you, seconds count!

And if you want more information on the National Weather Services new, redundant and high speed networking and dissemination system that we tap into directly, click here:

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