And you think you’re having a bad day…

The National Weather Service in Omaha Nebraska is having a really bad day. Here is a statement I received this morning:

“The NWS Omaha/Valley, NE office was evacuated this morning due to a levee failure on the Platte River a couple of miles from the office. A flash flood emergency was issued, and the office implemented its COOP. All equipment was shut down and elevated and power shut off to the radar and building. Staff relocating to the Papio NRD facility in Omaha, and NWS Hastings has assumed backup responsibility, and a few staff are enroute to Hastings to do the backup.”

We at AllisonHouse continue to provide high-quality data around the clock, but that is the result of highly dedicated National Weather Service offices and weather observers around the country, who feed that data to us so that we can process it, and make your software and data displays work. These fine men and women, there and in other parts of the country and in the Pacific region, are being taxed greatly, both personally and professionally, as they try to keep normal operations in the midst of chaos. Our prayers are with you, in this difficult time. We appreciate it, and we couldn’t do it without you! On behalf of AllisonHouse, THANK YOU for all that you do!

GOES-17 (GOES-WEST) satellite imagery is now available on GREarth and ALL AllisonHouse-supported platforms!

GOES-17 (GOES-WEST) imagery is now available via GREarth and all of our supported platforms. Here is one of the first images I saw when I downloaded the GREarth beta for testing. Image courtesy Gibson Ridge/GREarth

GOES-17, now GOES-WEST, is now available on GREarth! That means that the new GOES-WEST satellite has its imagery available on all AllisonHouse-supported platforms, including placefiles for Gibson Ridge! Of course, the imagery looks fantastic. You knew it would, but now for users of this Gibson Ridge weather display program, and all the others we support, you get to see it in all of its full-resolution glory, processed directly from the raw files. This gives you great quality over the entire hemisphere!

If you haven’t seen it yet, GREarth and AllisonHouse subscribers, try it out now! Head to the GRLevelx owners forums at and go to the GREarth News forum. There, you will find version 2.60 beta 1 for you to download. While still in beta, all of our subscribers who have reported in have said that they have had no issues with it. Give it a whirl, and see the Pacific like you have never seen it before!

Finally! GOES-17 is commissioned!

After delays, issues, government shutdowns and more…GOES-17 officially replaced GOES-15 as our western satellite. GOES-17 has been available on AllisonHouse Maps on experimental mode for some time, but now all products are official! Enjoy the new satellite, and all of the benefits it provides. And for a description of those benefits, see our previous posts in this series!

GOES-17 satellite artist image

GOES-17 was officially commissioned as of noon CT on February 12, 2019, and replaced our old western satellite, GOES-15. Image courtesy: NOAA