On the move!

GOES-17 satellite artist image

GOES-17’s is scheduled to be commissioned in December. Image courtesy: NOAA

On October 24, 2018, what will become our GOES-WEST satellite, GOES-17, began its drift westward to serve the western U.S. and keep our eyes on the Pacific. On October 30, the current GOES-WEST satellite, GOES-15, drifted east past GOES-17, doing a little dance around each other. GOES-17 interfered with GOES-15 western U.S. images for a few hours as they went right past each other. On December 10, GOES-17 will park in its final resting place and become our operational GOES-WEST satellite, while GOES-15 remains online until all sensors are fully commissioned in late spring of 2019.

While this move is happening, most of the instruments from GOES-17 have been put into a “safe” mode (think of it as a “sleep” mode). Once it gets to its final location at 137.2 degrees west longitude on November 13, the satellite will be “brought out of hibernation” and tested; if all GOES well (see what I did there?), on December 10, we will have our new GOES-WEST, although GOES-15 will continue to operate fully until May of 2019. AllisonHouse expects to receive the full data feed starting in late November.

As has been mentioned in our previous blogs, GOES-17 is still under evaluation, and up until now, shared almost all of the same footprint as GOES-16. When it moves into its final position and comes back online operationally, we will have all of the products as we do on GOES-16. We will soon see the “Pineapple Express” of tropical moisture flowing into the southwestern U.S. and into developing storm systems… and hurricanes out in the Pacific like we’ve never seen before. We’ll have lightning coverage in the central Pacific. And we’ll likely be seeing more weather phenomena that we can’t even imagine seeing today!

So, your patience is about to pay off. And, at AllisonHouse, we will get the feed which gives you the highest (full) resolution possible of each GOES-17 channel! You’ll see the very best of the best of GOES-16 and GOES-17 with AllisonHouse Maps. So, get ready Hawaii and the western U.S. The latest generation of satellites will now shine on you, and the golden age of satellite meteorology will be underway!

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