MRMS changes as of April 22, 2022

MRMS radar image
MRMS got a facelift this week when 23 Canadian doppler radars were added to the product. Image courtesy: AllisonHouse Maps

Hello everyone,

As we are now in the heart of severe weather season across the central U.S., I’m happy to announce the availability of MRMS 12.2 on AllisonHouse Maps, GREarth, and other AllisonHouse supported software.
The biggest change by far with this update is the dropping of all Canadian radars that haven’t been replaced by new radars (there’s just a small amount, and those will be gone within the next 2 years).. Most importantly, it adds the 23 new doppler radars in Canada that make up their modern radar network. Over the last several years, Canada has been replacing their old radars with modern dual-pol doppler radars, like we have in the United States. Now, our customers in Canada and close to the border will be able to see precipitation echoes once again, and also at high (1 degree per 1 km) resolution. Furthermore, the addition of these radars will go beyond RALA and other reflectivity products.

Additionally, better interference and ground clutter/wind farm suppression is seen in this version, improvements to radar QPE have been made, and gauge ingest has been implemented to improve the accuracy of rainfall amounts that have already fallen.

For a compete list of all the changes, see:

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