Lightning data improvement comes to AllisonHouse customers today!

Lightning assaults DeKalb, Illinois striking a communications tower for the city. The resulting damage knocked them off the air for hours until emergency repairs could be made. Photo courtesy Gilbert Sebenste/AllisonHouse

AllisonHouse customers,

On December 8, 2021, our lightning vendor (Earth Networks) upgraded their systems to improve their lightning detection, and strike sccuracy…to make it even better! It was already the best, now it’s even better. Here’s the official announcement:


Dear Valued Earth Networks Customer,

Our global lightning detection network just got better.

Earth Networks is excited to announce the release of a significant upgrade to our global lightning detection network. Over the past two years, our expert lightning scientists and engineers have been hard at work revamping our lightning network to deliver even better results to our customers across the globe.

As a result, we now detect even more lightning and more accurately locate where that lightning occurs.

In addition, we have merged the Total Lightning Network (TLN) and the Global Lightning Network (GLN) together under a single name – Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®.

On December 8, 2021, all Earth Networks products that use or deliver lightning for real-time alerting and situational awareness (e.g., Sferic Maps, Sferic Siren, Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, PulseRad, etc.) will automatically update to access the upgraded Earth Networks Total Lightning Network.

Some of the most exciting improvements include:

30-50% more lightning detected globally
Improved location accuracy to <100 meters (144% improvement)
Regional improvement in detection efficiency up to 95%
Improved cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning classification accuracy of 90%
Along with these improvements, our network continues to maintain extremely low false alarm rates and fast delivery of information so you can rely on our lightning data and alerts to keep people safe and maximize business continuity when severe weather threatens.


We hope you enjoy the improvement, and thank you for continuing to place your trust in us as your best source for reliable weather data!

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