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Do you have a weather enthusiast who wants to see the storms in as close to real time as possible? Are you a business that is weather-sensitive, and needs to know if even a light shower is heading your way? Are you a municipality, county, or fire/police/911/ that needs to know when severe weather is about to strike….

Can I give an admittedly biased opinion, and ask you to try AllisonHouse? I’ll give you some great reasons why.

Numerous cities rely on us for current radar, and plotting watches and warnings as soon as they are received by the National Weather Service. We receive the National Weather Service NOAAport feed via satellite dish, as does every National Weather Service office in the country, without any delay. From our dish, it literally takes milliseconds to fiber it to our servers, and then your software grabs it and plots it. But many of our feeds come via fiber now. Our Level 2 radar feeds are too big to be sent across satellite in a cost-effective matter, so we get them via fiber. As well as all of our airport observations (raw and decoded), some of our models, satellite images on AllisonHouse Maps and GRx products, our super-resolution Level 3 radar data, mesonet, lightning, and more!

Furthermore, in early December 2019, we went to an all new higher capacity and faster network with all new servers. This made our already fast network and reliable systems even more so. It allows us to scale up automatically. If we get a large number of new customers, or existing customers using our services heavily, we literally spin up new servers on the fly to handle the load. Most of the time, our capacity can handle it without doing this. But on days when all heck breaks loose around the country, we literally sit and watch as new servers are spun up instantaneously to handle all of your needs automagically. Scaling up to handle big events is another reason why we are reliable! And, our solid-state drives (SSD’s) are more reliable than mechanical hard drives, and MUCH faster!

If our satellite dish in Oklahoma goes down, we have backup ones that allow us to feed data from them in Louisiana, Colorado, and Illinois. If the NOAAport satellite feed goes dead, we also have access to the NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS) and enterprise-EMWIN (Emergency Manager’s Weather Information Network) as backups to keep the data flowing if those feeds are still up.

Don’t get me wrong: we still go down for maintenance windows, but we will give you time to prepare, unless it is an emergency. Furthermore, we are always looking to improve what we do in terms of communication and reliability, as well as new data feeds that benefit our customers.

If you are on a tight budget, consider our Storm Chaser package. Soup up your GRLevel3 and Radarscope with super-resolution radar with full data, not truncated! And you get lightning, mesonet data, placefiles and much more. See what you need, what your budget offers, and check this out:

And give yourself, or a family or friend…the gift of weather awareness, and awesomeness.

Any questions? Send us an email at support (atsymbol) We’re standing by ready to help you in any way we can with your weather awareness and toolbox needs!

Spanning the region from the Phillipines to western Africa, our GOES-West and GOES-east feeds have you covered with satellite images every 30 seconds to 10 minutes!

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