July radar update

Level 2 TDWR data is expanding, and 6 replacement doppler radars will be installed in Canada this year.

Hello AllisonHouse users,

The rollout of Level 2 TDWR data, and the doppler radar replacement in Canada continues. Here’s an update on both:

1. The upgrades for bandwidth to handle level 2 TDWR radar data continues. At this time, sites are being upgraded as soon as they are able. Originally, TDWR TICH (Wichita), TOKC (Oklahoma City, and the two TDWR’s in Dallas/Forth Worth were the only sites to get Level 2 TDWR data. Now, a number of sites have it; check yours to see if your local area has them. St. Louis, New York and Chicago area TDWRs do not have super-res yet, but Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Boston, Pittsburgh and others now do. Be patient, they should all be online this winter!

2. The radar replacement in Canada continues. The United States replaced all our old radars of varying ages and genres, and added many more (more than double!) in the early and middle 1990s. Canada is now doing the same. 6 more old radars will be replaced by the end of 2020; they are being installed next to the old ones, or close by. When the installation is occurring, the old radar must be shut down so as not to harm the workers. Canada will replace all of the existing ones by summer 2023, while adding one radar in southern Alberta. The 6 being replaced this year include:

1. Shuler, Alberta
2. Dryden, Ontario
3. Holyrood, Newfoundland
4. Sainte-Francoise (Villeroy), Quebec
5. Woodlands, Manitoba
6. Val d’Irene, Quebec

There will be a training radar in Egbert, ON, coming online as well.

I must make one more note, however, of the TDWR data. The National Weather Service already sends out the data in super-resolution from the TDWRs in Level 3 format. This upgrade allows the full range of products in super-resolution on software that only displays Level 2 radar data, such as GRAnalyst.

Enjoy the upgrades, and I hope you are having a reasonably good summer, in spite of the pandemic!

Edit: Update: TMDW and TORD came online with level 2 data after a software update on July 29, 2020. Enjoy, Chicago area subscribers!


  1. Brad's Gravatar Brad
    August 9, 2020 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    So if you do not have a subscription you cannot have this data? For super resolution?

  2. Brad's Gravatar Brad
    August 17, 2020 at 11:13 am | Permalink

    Do you know what free data feed sites have the super resolution data for level 2?

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