Heads down: Level 2 radar data outage…but not for us!

WSR-88D Radar
Will your screen go blank in the third week of January? Photo courtesy: NOAA/NSSL

Over the next few days, if you are a weather weenie, you’ll hear the drumbeats that the entire National Weather Service data center in Boulder, Colorado, including their web farm there, will be without power for nearly 24 hours as they do emergency repairs and upgrades on January 21 and January 22, 2021. The NOMADS server, which hosts free level 2 radar data and model guidance (and a lot more than that!), will be down for two days. If history is any guide, it could be significantly longer than that. This could affect any other free sites, which could be overwhelmed by the additional traffic.

So, does that affect AllisonHouse? The answer is…

No, except for model guidance.

We get the Level 2 data via fiber.  If you have someone you know who needs level 2 radar data on those two days, there are other free servers…but we have the fastest and newest ones for you to use. Our data feed gets us our Level 2 data within 2 seconds of when it leaves the National Weather Service forecast office, and in many cases, the delay is under one second. If you don’t want to take a chance of your radar screen going blank, get a subscription to AllisonHouse. No contracts…pay for a month and see if you like us. We think you will!

Otherwise, you might see a blank screen from your local radar site for at least a few days…

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