Happy New Year! A look at what’s to come in 2018

Hello AllisonHouse users,

As 2017 heads into the distance in our rear view mirrors, we thank you for another good year for our company. We’re already rolling out new features on AllisonHouse Maps, and we want to give you a heads up to a few things we can tell you about what is coming in 2018!

– Maps: AllisonHouse Last year, Maps had many MRMS radar products added. Of course, when GOES-16 became available with experimental data, here’s a little known fact: our programmer Ryan Hickman wanted to be the first…or at least, one of the first, to have stunning GOES-16 images available to our customers. Guess what: he worked nearly 24 hours in a row to make that happen! Furthermore, we switched away from the National Weather Service NOAAport feed, and now use the GOES Rebroadcast (GRB) feed for the data. Why? The latter has the raw data, which is a lot better than what is available on NOAAport, in terms of the number of products and resolution. In short, you get the best quality image from this feed! We are awaiting to add the GOES-16 lightning data, but we know that the bugs are still being worked out with it. Until that feed is stable, we’re holding off adding it…for now. So, stay tuned…the National Weather Service is working hard to get it working well. Remember, this is state-of-the-art technology, and until that thing got launched into space, we knew there would be some issues. Thankfully, they can upload firmware to the satellite to fix things that have cropped up. But in general, GOES-16 has been giving us jaw-dropping performance and imagery!

Also, look for even more products to be added to Maps in the year to come! We’ll let you know when they are added.

– Level 2 and Level 3 data. Purdue University has indicated that in the next several months, they will have their dual-pole data online…and we are working to ensure we will have the live feed!

Plus more! Sometimes data just falls into our lap, or it becomes available to the public with little or no fanfare. When we see it would be valuable for our users, we add it!

We hope you have a wonderful new year, and we hope you’ll also tell a friend about us. We want to be the weather data provider you can trust! Our uptime has been greater than 99.99%, and that includes maintenance windows. Reliability and a wide variety of products will continue to serve you well and keep you informed in the new year. See you in 2018!


  1. oliver's Gravatar oliver
    January 14, 2018 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    why has stormlab been taken off of your web site to use with your data ???????????. I have contacted them and they are saying that I need to talk to you guys ???????. They say that the problem is NOT on there end ??????. I do not care who is at falt here but I would like the issue resulved at some point in the near future. Spring 2018 is fast approaching and I would like to have stormlab up and Running and being used with your data in 2018 ???????????????. again I do not care who is at fault here. Please fix the issue or please contact me with some kind of explination as to what may be going on ?????????. I would appreciate a answer when you have the time to do so. Thank you again.

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