GOES-T is now GOES-18!

GOES-T has become GOES-18, and should become GOES-West and replace the problematic GOES-17 in May. Image credit: NOAA

GOES-T successfully reached orbit on March 14, 2022. Here’s what is going to happen next:

The solar panels will be unfolded, and a power up of the satellite should occur. Then, the instruments will be tested as the new satellite is placed in it’s final location looking down on the western United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Pacific Ocean. Finally, once everything is checked and everything is found to be in good order, it will take over the duties of GOES-17.

You can see in my previous post the advantages GOES-18 has, but it doesn’t involve imagery per se (although this satellite will provide continuous imagery, 24 hours a day now). But nevertheless, it will be more reliable than our current GOES-17. And when the data comes online, AllisonHouse will provide it through AllisonHouse Maps, placefiles, and more. We can’t wait until it comes online!

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