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On August 21, 2017, the U.S. will see a total solar eclipse that will span a 80-mile swath from Portland, OR, to Kansas City, to Carbondale, IL to South Carolina. This is reportedly the most requested vacation day ever, with over 38 million people stopping to see our sun get “mooned” and covered completely in the path of totality!

However, in many areas of the country this time of year, cloud cover is high, especially from Illinois east-southeastward along the total eclipse path. And if you’re planning on driving or flying to this event, you need to know what’s happening! Driving just a few miles might mean the difference between seeing darkness under clouds, or a blazing corona!

We have the answer to help you be where you need to be! AllisonHouse Maps shows you the latest full-resolution GOES-16 visible imagery, radar, and model data to help you plan your view. The day or two before, use Maps to help guide you to the area that has the best chances for clearing. And, the morning of, use our always up-to-the-minute GOES-WEST and GOES-16 imagery to help you tweak your final location and see the eclipse in a memorable fashion!

Remember: Do *NOT* look at the sun during any part of the eclipse, except during totality, in that narrow area that experiences it. Head to for all of the eclipse information you need to know. have a happy (and safe) viewing!

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