Breaking up is hard to do…but it can be a good thing.

This split-off program with GREarth will allow for a more manageable user experience, and in the future, more model options. Image courtesy Gibson Ridge / GRM

Sometimes, with relationships, you couldn’t imagine breaking up with your significant other. And no, we’re not breaking up with Gibson Ridge: that relationship just keeps getting better! But in the world of software, it can be a good idea to break programs up.

Case in point…GREarth. It has current surface and upper air data, as well as models, all in one program. And, as anyone can attest using it, that’s a lot of menu options. And as more models and more data comes online, it’s getting to be a big program. Too big, in fact.

So, Mike Gibson is going to break up the program. GREarth 3,0 will contain surface and upper air data (including satellite and radar, of course!). But, what will become of the model guidance?

Introducing GRModel, aka “GRM”.

To start, GRM will look like GRE, and function like it. But, this will allow GRE and GRM to expand in the future with more data and models. This also makes the menu of both a lot more manageable. Of course, you can run both at the same time, if you have more than 1 monitor. This means that you can view models and surface data on separate windows!

When will this happen? As I type this, GRM and GREarth 3.0 are in private beta testing, and are getting close for public beta testing. The wording Mike Gibson used is “soon”, to the point where I can let the cat out of the bag now. Both programs will be released simultaneously. Of course, watch our AllisonHouse Facebook page, and our blog here, for the latest updates on GRE and GRM!

Editor’s note: Your GREarth subscription will cover both programs. And, there will be no price increase! To clarify: models will be in GRM, and real-time data will be in GRE.

Author’s note: Both programs are now available for testing at the GRLevelX owner’s forum at:

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