BREAKING NEWS: National Weather Service to send out super-res reflectivity and velocity products on or about December 1, 2021

WSR-88D Radar
Want super-res level 3 radar reflectivity and velocity products? Soon, it will be available to everyone!

On August 4, 2021, AllisonHouse was informed of an upcoming planned major change by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Radar Operations Center (ROC). Behind the scenes, I have requested this to happen for a *decade*, and now, it’s finally happening!

Beginning on or about December 1, 2021, “standard definition”, or standard resolution level 3 base reflectivity and velocity products, will no longer be sent on the National Weather Service primary data feed, known as NOAAport. We receive this feed from our satellite dish in Oklahoma City in real-time.

If the planned change is executed without incident or delay, super-res base reflectivity and velocity products will replace those lower-resolution products on December 1, 2021. If you subscribe to AllisonHouse, the change should be largely transparent and without issue, with the following caveat: I am quite sure that new versions of your favorite Level 3 radar display software may be needed to decode these new products. Keep watching your app support/social media pages for the latest information.

We will be losing Echo Tops from the data feed, but these can still be found on the NWS raw data websites, and we will likely be pulling that product from there.

So, an obvious question: Why do we need AllisonHouse now if the super-res products will be available on public NWS servers?
Remember, we bypass the clogged NWS data servers that now have download restrictions on them. We also have redundant ways to get the radar, by the fastest methods possible. Not to mention, all of the other data you get such as ENTLN and GOES GLM lightning, watches, advisories, warning, statements, GOES-16/17 imagery, and much more, making us an incredible value!

ANY weather software producer that handles level 3 radar data (including GRLevel3 and RadarScope) will need to update their software to be able to handle the new data. I can reassure you, that generally will not be a problem for them, but it might be for you as you will have to update your software as soon as it becomes available. We’ll have updates closer to the switchover date. However, I suspect this might be delayed somewhat past December 1, as some other vendors may not be able to handle this in time for the deadline. But, hopefully, IF it is delayed, it may only be by a few months. We will see!

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