AWIPS-2 customers: A new version is out!

Ryan is a user of AWIPS-2, and he, like our other AWIPS-2 customers, will enjoy the new features and reliability from the new version that has been released by UNIDATA.

One of our products here at AllisonHouse is a public version of AWIPS-2, the weather display and product generating software found and used extensively at every National Weather Service forecast office here in the United States. The public version, made by UNIDATA, takes away the ability to issue your own warnings and products and send them out (for obvious good reasons!), but lets you do most of everything else, including displaying extensive genres of weather data, exactly as you would find it operationally.

Over the next few days, AllisonHouse will upgrade the backend server portion of it to this new version. What will it mean for you? Check out these changes, here:

For our AWIPS-2 users: you can install the new version right now (but install the dependencies first found in the instructions on the link they provide…that will take a little time to do!). And when our backend servers get upgraded by December 31, 2021, the new products will come online for you to use.

We recommend you do this upgrade ASAP. On the backend/our side of things, this improves AWIPS-2 service to you in two major ways:

1. The METAR and upper air databases get updated automatically as new stations come online and the master AWIPS- files upstream get updated.

2. Data reliability. Serious bugs in the backend software ingestion of data have been fixed. This will allow us to feed data from redundant servers, just like we do with the rest of our infrastructure!

These two AWIPS-2 issues are something I have wanted corrected, and I have had them in the bug list, and they fixed them pretty quickly! Although we have had little downtime with AWIPS-2, this will cut down rare data outages even more.

On your end of things, we hope you will enjoy the new GLM products, the new GOES-17 products, and the other additions and bugfixes found in this new version. As always, if you have any questions, or would like to get AWIPS-2 data from your computer, just send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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