GOES-T will replace GOES-17…next year!

It’s now official: GOES-T will replace GOES-17 next year. As many weather enthusiasts may know, GOES-17, aka GOES-WEST, has a problem with its cooling system. It has a faulty design that is seen in both GOES-16 and GOES-17, but thanks to debris inside the cooling system, the issue is worse in GOES-17. In GOES-16, temperatures […]

The disappearing data and the cost to society

In mid-May of 2021, AllisonHouse was informed by the National Weather Service that the West Texas Mesonet would no longer be available without a high cost to our customers. Unfortunately, we had to stop receiving the feed of this data as passing along the cost would have required us to raise subscription prices significantly. Unfortunately, […]

Climate, models and apps: but what about the data?

It’s 2021, and here in America, the meteorological profession is seeing a lot of software development and climate research going on. What could we expect 20, 50, 100, 500 years down the road in terms of climate? And this ongoing research doesn’t just look at temperatures, either. Dr. Victor Gensini from Northern Illinois University has […]