On the move!

On October 24, 2018, what will become our GOES-WEST satellite, GOES-17, began its drift westward to serve the western U.S. and keep our eyes on the Pacific. On October 30, the current GOES-WEST satellite, GOES-15, drifted east past GOES-17, doing a little dance around each other. GOES-17 interfered with GOES-15 western U.S. images for a […]

GOES-17 late September update: schedule to operational status!

Hello everyone, Today, NOAA/NWS released the schedule for transitioning GOES-West from GOES-15 to GOES-17. Here’s the timetable: GOES-17 will start drifting west on October 24, and then be in position on November 13 at 135 degrees west longitude. As this happens, the operational GOES-West satellite, GOES-15, drifts to 128 degrees west. And, little data will […]

What’s your hurricane plan?

As I type this, we have numerous tropical storms and hurricanes going on in the Atlantic and the Pacific, with one trying to get going south of the Gulf of Mexico that could impact the U.S. this weekend. Furthermore, don’t forget Hawaii: Olivia could dump 5″ to as much as 15″ of rain there: Kauai […]