AllisonHouse and COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”): What about AllisonHouse?

As I type this, the United States is reporting a rapid increase in the numbers of people sick or infected with COVID-19, a variant of the Coronavirus. While there is still a lot we don’t know about it, we’re learning more by the day, but we do know that it is rather easily spread among […]

RANT: Lightning, and know what you are getting to detect it

Several years ago, I had the honor of working a NCAA golf tournament as their meteorologist. Being that this tournament was in the summer, and that thunderstorms were in the forecast for multiple days, I set up my station to display two things: a vendor-provided lightning display that the NCAA uses officially, and then mine: […]

No hibernation for AllisonHouse: A quick look at what we’re up to

With the onset of winter, we kept very busy with Super-Resolution level 3 data coming to your favorite radar apps like Radarscope and GRLevel3. But what else have we been up to? Let’s take a quick look and let you know what has happened. First, in December, we switched to all-new servers, on a new […]