How GOES-17 was saved

If you are a space geek, satellite geek, or are just curious about how GOES-17 is now providing 97% of the data expected after we nearly lost the bird, read this article. When technology and brains collide:

Want even more GOES-16/17? We got that.

Starting on the morning of April 2, 2019, GOES-16/17 were thrown into Mode 6 from Mode 4, a permanent change to its scanning strategy. What does that mean to you? Well, one thing changes, but its important. Here’s what DOESN’T change: One U.S. sector scan every 5 minutes Two 1-minute mesoscae sector scans OR one […]

Do I call a tornado in to 911? The answer may surprise you

You’re at home, and the NOAA Weather Radio goes off for a tornado warning for portions of your county…and you are in the warning polygon. You’ve got your AllisonHouse Maps, or Radarscope, or GREarth, or other radar software up and running, and you can see you’re in the warning polygon. You can also see by […]