Climate, models and apps: but what about the data?

It’s 2021, and here in America, the meteorological profession is seeing a lot of software development and climate research going on. What could we expect 20, 50, 100, 500 years down the road in terms of climate? And this ongoing research doesn’t just look at temperatures, either. Dr. Victor Gensini from Northern Illinois University has […]

Breaking up is hard to do…but it can be a good thing.

Sometimes, with relationships, you couldn’t imagine breaking up with your significant other. And no, we’re not breaking up with Gibson Ridge: that relationship just keeps getting better! But in the world of software, it can be a good idea to break programs up. Case in point…GREarth. It has current surface and upper air data, as […]

GFS V16: What’s new under the hood?

Starting in early March, the United States-based GFS model will get its first major update in 2 years. Currently, it’s running version 15. The upgrade to version 16 will provide a number of changes, and some improvements.Let’s take a look at what you can expect: Cloud physics. One of the biggest improvements touted is that […]