GFS V16: What’s new under the hood?

Starting in early March, the United States-based GFS model will get its first major update in 2 years. Currently, it’s running version 15. The upgrade to version 16 will provide a number of changes, and some improvements.Let’s take a look at what you can expect: Cloud physics. One of the biggest improvements touted is that […]

Heads down: Level 2 radar data outage…but not for us!

Over the next few days, if you are a weather weenie, you’ll hear the drumbeats that the entire National Weather Service data center in Boulder, Colorado, including their web farm there, will be without power for nearly 24 hours as they do emergency repairs and upgrades on January 21 and January 22, 2021. The NOMADS […]

It’s (beyond) time for another National Weather Service modernization

Back in the 1990s, there was big buzz in the weather world about the “National Weather Service (NWS) Modernization”. I used to have a map of that which explained what was going to happen at every site across the country. But it basically broke down to this: 1. National Weather Service offices (WSO’s)…small ones which […]