Data diversity and resiliency at AllisonHouse: making a great customer experience

In my previous blogpost, I talked very briefly about data diversity and data resiliency. My boss wanted me to expound on that some, and how it affects you as a customer, improving your experience with us. But first, a little background: the National Weather Service text products, satellite images from GOES-16 and GOES-17, many models, […]

Behind the data: AllisonHouse stays on through an ice storm

In our last blog post, I highlighted our refurbished satellite dish. Well, as it turns out, it wasn’t what we had hoped for. We needed two more upgrades and a fix to take care of other issues we discovered after I published the article. In typical AllisonHouse fashion, we got that done. Now, would these […]

AllisonHouse dishes up repairs, and data from space!

Some time ago, our dish got hit by lightning, and it was time for repairs. While we have been on a backup dish since that time, we needed to get our main dish back on the air. The backups are intended for that: backups. But after years of use, it was also time for an […]