SPC day 2 outlooks will soon have probabilistic hazard outlooks!

Starting on January 28, 2020, individual severe convective threats will be added to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC)’s day 2 convective outlook. Currently, the day 2 includes a total risk percentage. But advances in data, models, and forecaster experience has allowed SPC to advance the risk forecast product further, to be broken up into their […]

How do you train? And how weather affects the railroads

It’s amazing when you think about it: how much of the stuff we have in our apartments and homes was shipped on a train. You name it: vegetables, video game consoles, TV’s/monitors, air conditioners, fans and heaters, vehicles, stereos, smart phones, oil, coal, wheat, recyclables, steel…and on and on. In the last portion of their […]

Got a kid’s Little League, soccer, high school football game, or outdoor event you’re responsible for? Read this.

Carnivals. Concerts. Deep fried…well, just about everything you can think of. Animals being judged. Even for a small event like this still Many Football Bet Providers are attending. It’s fair time across the Midwest, and in other areas of the country as well. Cities have farmer’s markets, and back to school events like football games […]