Why was there no (or why was there a) warning?

I’ve seen several very recent discussions on social media from non-meteorologists about why the National Weather Service didn’t issue a tornado warning on a storm. And, just the opposite…with a lack of a notable velocity couplet, a warning is issued. When situations like these come up, they can lead to very informative, instructional discussions…or go […]

Unit conversion in Gibson Ridge velocity and storm relative velocity products

Recently, a friend messaged me and said that the units on BV and SRV in the GRx programs are meters per second, instead of the desired knots, or MPH. This is correct. If you want knots or MPH, you need some things at the top of your customized velocity color table/palette file you are using […]

We have some SUPER news…super resolution on GRLevel3 and Radarscope!

Go down the steps into the basement and make a left. There, as you walk past the dusty old radio with the broken antenna playing Neil Diamond in the dim lights, AllisonHouse Labs has been burning the midnight oil. And now, we can announce to you what we’ve been working on for some time… AllisonHouse […]