Last minute shopping? Give a gift of AllisonHouse!

Do you have a weather enthusiast who wants to see the storms in as close to real time as possible? Are you a business that is weather-sensitive, and needs to know if even a light shower is heading your way? Are you a municipality, county, or fire/police/911/ that needs to know when severe weather is […]

SPC day 2 outlooks will soon have probabilistic hazard outlooks!

Starting on January 28, 2020, individual severe convective threats will be added to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC)’s day 2 convective outlook. Currently, the day 2 includes a total risk percentage. But advances in data, models, and forecaster experience has allowed SPC to advance the risk forecast product further, to be broken up into their […]

How do you train? And how weather affects the railroads

It’s amazing when you think about it: how much of the stuff we have in our apartments and homes was shipped on a train. You name it: vegetables, video game consoles, TV’s/monitors, air conditioners, fans and heaters, vehicles, stereos, smart phones, oil, coal, wheat, recyclables, steel…and on and on. In the last portion of their […]