Finally! GOES-17 is commissioned!

After delays, issues, government shutdowns and more…GOES-17 officially replaced GOES-15 as our western satellite. GOES-17 has been available on AllisonHouse Maps on experimental mode for some time, but now all products are official! Enjoy the new satellite, and all of the benefits it provides. And for a description of those benefits, see our previous posts […]

Mine? No, yours.

Over the past month, we’ve seen a category 5 firestorm come out with The Weather Company, who owns The Weather Channel app. The city of Los Angeles is suing The Weather Company for allegedly using the tracking data to do more than just know your location, and customize your forecast with the appp. It’s being […]

GOES-17 is here!

GOES-17 preliminary, non-operational data is here at AllisonHouse. Maps subscribers have it available now! The image is stunning. Yes, the satellite is inoperable in its infrared channels during the spring and fall months for a few hours each night, but the imagery quality far surpasses that of GOES-15. Data from that satellite takes 10-15 minutes […]