AllisonHouse takes you forward, and took me back

AllisonHouse prides itself on bringing you top quality weather information at a price you can afford. We are truly state of the art here: when GOES-16 data became available, we were one of the early ones who had it for our subscribers. We are a forward looking weather services company!

Until, that is, I get taken back. Way back.

You see: tonight, as one of my duties, I added a new Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) site, which just started producing METARs (raw weather observations): KC65, Plymouth, Indiana. OK, few of our subscribers might care. But when I added it and verified that I had it in the right location, I saw the city. I remembered the times I went on vacation as a kid with my parents about 15 miles east of there at a place called Hoffman Lake. The old Purina dog food processing plant on the east side of the city on US Route 30 (now owned by someone else), and of course, the truck stop just east of the US 30/31 intersection where I played Pac-Man and pinball when we stopped there for lunch and a bathroom break before heading to the campground, with their massive American flag flying out front (the place is no longer a mom and pop shop, the restaurant became a Subway, but maybe some video games are still there in the main building, still intact!)…it all flooded back. Fun weekends, two weeks of camping in a trailer with swimming, bingo nights, jukeboxes, pinball machines, Space Invaders, and a canteen. And of course, I had to fly using Google Maps to see what had changed. A lot had, but a lot still remains the same!

30 years later after I last drove by it, the airport finally got their AWOS online. You spotters and storm chasers out there will enjoy that, no doubt. But for a little while tonight, for me, it was 1980. And I got taken back where there were no cell phone towers, payphones everywhere, and music from the AM and FM radio stations in the area: no Spotify, smart phones or YouTube.

So, my fellow readers, have you ever looked at AllisonHouse Maps, GRx products, RadarScope, PYKL3, and ever zoom in and get “taken back”?
Here, let me give you some music to go with this, and then send in your responses. I’d enjoy seeing them!

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