AllisonHouse dishes up repairs, and data from space!

AllisonHouse engineer Kevin Pirkle after repairing our dish. As you can see, it looks great! (Courtesy photo)

Some time ago, our dish got hit by lightning, and it was time for repairs. While we have been on a backup dish since that time, we needed to get our main dish back on the air. The backups are intended for that: backups. But after years of use, it was also time for an equipment refresh on our primary and main backup dish after being out in the elements for over a decade.

We replaced the cables, taped them up and had waterproof connectors put on. We peaked the dish for the best quality signal possible, and replaced the ground system as well, which saved us from getting lightning damage to our receiver and server. Just as importantly, our antenna LNB, which picks up the signal, got an upgrade as well. It uses the highest broadcast industry standards that broadcasters use for transmitting and receiving signals! It’s a real workhorse, and will hopefully serve us for a long time to come. This is important because we had been noticing more and more 5G signal interference creeping in, which has reduced our signal to noise ratio some (but still well above acceptable levels). This LNB filters out much of the unwanted 5G, and high-powered TV and FM signals that are getting stronger as new towers and upgraded transmitting sites are built nearby.

Up next: our “primary” backup dish. about 30′ from our main dish, will get the same refresh. This will ensure your data will be flawless for watches, warnings, and standard resolution Level 3 data.

And thanks to our new team member, Kevin, for doing the repairs! Lighning damage is no fun, but our goal is uptime, all of the time (except for brief maintenance), and with our system, we pretty much are there. It’s our commitment to you: very high reliable data and imagery without sacrificing quality, all the while keeping costs affordable to our users. And thanks to all of the engineers who keep everything working well every day!

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