AllisonHouse and COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”): What about AllisonHouse?

COVID-19 under a microscope
The Coronavirus threatens to disrupt everything. What are we doing about it at AllisonHouse?

As I type this, the United States is reporting a rapid increase in the numbers of people sick or infected with COVID-19, a variant of the Coronavirus. While there is still a lot we don’t know about it, we’re learning more by the day, but we do know that it is rather easily spread among humans. By now, you should have seen what you should do to minimize the affects of this strain of Coronavirus; read more about¬† the new COVID laws in Texas for more details. But here’s a question you might have: what about AllisonHouse? What if our great employees get sick from it?

Frankly, being a small company, all of us wear multiple hats, and so depth of generalists is good here. All but a few of us can log in, diagnose, and/or rectify many issues. We are also diverse in location. And we all are out of the high-risk groups where this strain of Coronavirus is fatal. And, all in our group are athletic and/or in good health.

Are we concerned? Yes. But our plan for this—and any other disaster that can befall us—is diversity of talent and location (in both equipment and staffing), with people who will take over for each other should the need arise. Our senior programmer was out for a while, and yours truly as well, for various incidents that arose—and we backed each other up during the issues. Subscribers did not experience a loss of service, and some upgrades went on as usual. Some were postponed until the issues were over. We can and will adjust if necessary.

It’s not “don’t worry, be happy”, but “don’t worry, but be ready to take on duties of others for a time” here at AllisonHouse. But what about our vendors? That’s a good question. Many are operating on a “if you have the sniffles, you aren’t coming in!” philosophy. Some companies don’t have very good continuity of business plans. This will force them to improve on them now! However, we will work with all of our vendors the best that we can to keep all of the data flowing to you in the timely matter you have come to expect from AllisonHouse.¬†

We’re all in this together. Follow the basic rules to prevent this and other viruses, and you’ll be as prepared as can be, as we are. We’ll post updates, if need be, if we are having any issues. In the meantime, relax, and watch the weather!


  1. Otto's Gravatar Otto
    May 22, 2020 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    my Radarscope and GrLevel3 data are out!
    severe weather, and no radar!

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