House Calls

March 16th Outage

Summary & Root Cause

On Sunday, March 16th between 08:28-13:20z, AllisonHouse encountered an unexpected service outage. Outside of our website being up, all AllisonHouse services were impacted by this outage. An unidentified crash in a critical piece of software is what triggered the spontaneous data outage.

Outage Lengths

All services- 4 hrs 52 minutes

Confirmation of these outage lengths can be seen at 


Sent crash reports to software provider.

We normally catch stuff like this with the previous alarms we had in place, but when everyone is asleep it’s hard to catch those things right away. We have implemented immediate changes including….

  • Added a system check to recover from outages. If one does occur it will begin the steps to get the data flowing again. The problem this time was that it had to be done by an actual person.
  • Our server provider will also be monitoring for any bumps in our data.

This outage was something new for us and we learn from our mistakes. We have implemented the proper backup checks to ensure the fastest response times when things like this occur. Doing these things will ultimately eliminate this from being threat again.  We appreciate everyones patience this morning while we worked to get the problem resolved.  We are now geared up and ready to go for an active season ahead.


Clef Integration Is Here!

We are very excited to announce our sites integration with Clef. Clef replaces passwords with a simple and secure way to log in with your smartphone. Download the app and try it with your AllisonHouse account today!


How It Works

  • You create a profile that will never leave your phone.
  • Clef will then use that profile to generate a new digital signature every time you log in.
  • Sync with Clef Wave to send your signature and identity yourself.
  • The Clef app generates a public and private key. The private key will stay on your phone to generate the unique signature to identify you
  • After you sync the Clef Wave, your digital signature is sent to Clef. Clef verifies the signature and connects you to our servers to log in.

Get Started

  1. Download the Clef iOS App or Clef Android App.
  2. Sign up for Clef using your AllisonHouse account email address.
  3. Log in to your AllisonHouse account using the Clef “Log in with your phone” button.
Note: Sign out support is currently disabled. uses cookies which makes this more difficult. More to come in the next few days.

Gulf of Mexico AWOS sites…an update

We received this from the FAA a short time ago:


To All:


Please ensure widest dissemination as deemed necessary:


– *Vermilion 26C (VNP)*: Platform is shut-in; slated to be plugged and abandoned. AWOS is *permanently* out-of-service. FAA will be exploring possible alternatives to replace VNP with Gulf industry partners.****

** **

– *East Breaks 165 (EMK): *New telephone access number is 281-921-0775.****

** **

– *Ship Shoal 354 (SQE): *FAA received approval from Mexico to use VHF; now awaiting FCC approval. Upon receipt of FCC license, FAA will commission AWOS. SS 354 will replace ST 301B AWOS.****

** **

– *South Timbalier 301B (STZ): *AWOS will be permanently disabled with activation of SQE. FAA will remove AWOS when SQE is commissioned. ST 301B is projected to be plugged and abandoned in 2014.****

** **

– *Cameron, LA:* FAA received owner/operator approval to install AWOS in Cameron, LA. This facility will replace the decommissioned AWOS at East Cameron 47JP (CMB).****

** **

– FAA has completed formal operational and safety inspections at the following locations in 2013: Garden Banks 668/Gunnison Spar (GUL); West Cameron 368A (CRH); Eugene Island 215B (EIR); Brazos 133B (BBF).****

** **

** **

To display the most recent METAR (weather report) for one or more observing locations, enter the 4-letter ICAO Location Identifier (‘K’ followed by the FAA 3-letter ID) in the space, separated by one or more blanks.****

** ******

** **
** **

Allan Overbey****

Surveillance and Broadcast Services Program Office****

HQ FAA, Washington, DC****